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2017-02-21 02:13 am

I'm back!

To friends who wondered where I've been? I've been MIA.
Well, life came. I went back to work, moved house and well, dated.
But nothing seems right. Things were not always a bed of roses.
I've changed jobs (freelancing now), and I'm thinking of becoming a vlogger and study screenwriting.
But I'm back!

Drop me a note or comment to say hi!
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2015-04-01 02:41 am

Answer for question 4302.

[Error: unknown template qotd]Yes and no to this question.
In a group of friends, we normally go Dutch. Because it's only fair.
But if it's a one to one, it depends. I prefer Dutch, but one of my besties always insist on paying. And so, I accept it graciously.
But if I'm with my cousins, oh, I'm always the one left with the tab. They don't even bother to offer. Why? Simply because "you are the eldest". But it doesn't even make sense.
Oh well, takes all kind to make the world. Doesn't it?
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2014-08-03 04:35 pm
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Sorry, I'm being the emotional person again

Thank you for all the concerns....

Must be the mood swings...I've been very emotional this week...
Hopefully it will be better as time passes for me...

It has been hectic with my twins and my hubby is not really helping...or rather...I feel he is being a useless appa....just doesn't seem to do things right...
Just give me time to be emotional...it'll pass....and I'll still be around...
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2014-08-03 12:29 am
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Just a thought

It has been a rough week for me...

Yesterday...my favourite writer in AFF left because of someone's comment on her story behind her back...
earlier this week....another of my favourite author in LJ private all her fics....

Is it a sign? )

But all I know is that I'll never fall back into my depression again...I'll stand strong...and if I've to walk away from fandom to avoid depression...I will...
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2014-01-20 11:37 pm
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Author mentalities that I don't and NEVER WILL understand!

I just want to ask a simple question...
How can Angst and Fluff be in the same genre?
Like seriously...angst is full of sadness and anger and tears....while fluff on the other had is full of sweet and loving and happy times...
How can a story be angst and fluff at the same time?
Ok...authors can say angst for the first half and fluff for the second...BUT...I think a better tag will be "angst, happy ending"...
The worst and funniest genre I saw is...
How can an angst story be comedy? They are just the EXACT OPPOSITE of each other in meaning...
This is not only seen in AFF but also on LJ...
Shouldn't people check up on the meaning of "angst" before you put it together with fluff or comedy...please...

Listing them together is like telling people my story is "non-fiction" but it is "sci-fi" too...if this doesn't make sense to you...do you think angst and fluff makes sense?
I think authors should give genre a thought before listing it on the story...
Think through your storyline...plan the main theme of the story...this way...you can get the main theme and the main genre of the story...
Just not Angst with comedy or angst with fluff...it is just very weird...it seems like the full meaning of the story theme is unknown or the story is just planned half way...
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2013-10-13 08:37 pm
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So Cute!

I don't know if any of you saw the "baby shower" virtual gift?
the pacifier, cradle and the blue and pink booties are so cute >.<
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2013-08-07 01:28 am
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I am finally able to differentiate EXO members and BAP members and MBLAQ members too...OTL
I feel all Koreans look like one another...or is the problem caused by going under the knife?
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2013-08-01 05:30 pm
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Is it wrong?

Am I wrong to decide which story on jaeho_detox to read based on the writer's profile picture?

OTL...I just don't like some profile pictures that some authors use...so I don't read their story...but I know that they have well written ones...OTL

Am I weird?
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2013-07-03 01:45 am
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Is it me?

I'm begining to think that there is an author who is prejudice against me >.<
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2013-07-01 02:13 pm
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A fic?

I know there is a fic out there called "whale hunting"

actually, I want to start a fic of the same name, a one-shot...BUT...this fic is LITERALLY about whale hunting..

where Yunho is a whale hunter for the oil of whales and Jaejoong is an official and conservationist that is out to stop whale hunting at all cost...

should I name it "hunting whales" instead? But it sounds so "discovery channel" and I don't really like it >.<
I'm very disturbed by recent whale hunting...because they endanger the spieces and tip the ecological system...
I'm also inspired by how those people will do everything to try and stop these illegal whale hunting...

what do you think? Please give me your opinion...

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2013-06-23 12:26 am
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Who will?


I've considered updating my stories here. But I want to do it in my community.
However, I've no confidence of who will read my stories >.< I've been a reader most of my time in LJ that I don't think anyone will read my horribly written story >.<
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2013-03-13 12:11 am
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Amusing AFF

I am an avid reader in AFF...
Something there amuses me a lot...and I'm sure you would have noticed too...

There are two types of authors in AFF that I find very amusing:

1) They create a story; write a good and interesting forward; but that story never gets updated until much much later.

2) they write a new story; have daily updates for the first 5 chapters; then slows down to alternate days of updating for the next 6-8 chapters and suddenly...if you are lucky you get weekly updates...but most of the time...irregular updates

Why I find it amusing?
For (1)...why start a new story when you don't intend to update it until months later? I mean...you should start it when you are ready to update in the following 1-2 months...
For (2)...I think too fast an update...you put up an expectation and when you can't keep up...loyal readers will be upset at the slow update...so I think they should update once a week in the beginning...

I understand that authors are not full time writers and even full time writers don't write regularly...
But I mean...don't set an expectation with the readers...and don't keep them hanging for too long...

From my experience...I've lost interest in a story...that started out 6 months a ago with a fantastic forward...but till this day...no update...
Another experience....the story is a very well-written story...the author fed us with daily updates for 5 chapters and alternate updates for another 5 and now....a chapter a week...I think it will soon be...once in a blue moon? Hahahaha

It can get very frustrating since the author is swaying from the expectation...and the expectation is what the author set "I'll do a daily update or at worse a 3 days once update"...I think if she had never said it...my expectation would not be there...

Just a random thought...feel free to ignore....
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2012-09-13 02:55 pm
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2012-04-26 06:31 pm
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2012-04-26 06:26 pm
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2012-04-21 03:45 pm


To all my readers and friends out there! I will be posting the changed version of fan fiction "Love Never Dies". It can only be read in here and perhaps my Wordpress (when I figure out how to use it)...

The overall plot of the story will not be changed. Only a few added stuff and a few other changes. The version in AFF will be kept, no changes. The story was more KyuWook focused, but I have moved back to my forever OTP, YunJae...so the story will now have a slight shift with YunJae and KyuWook taking the lead. I will shift YeMin and EunHae down, while YooSu and MinBum will move up. 2min will stay in position (they are the maknae pair to relief the story from too much cussing^^)!

Truth be known, only the chapter 1 to 5 will be changed slightly. Mainly Jaejoong's POV and Junsu's POV will have a change, Yunho's POV and Yoochun's POV will also be changed. YunJae and YooSu meeting will also be changed. More likely than not, Changmin's POV may be changed. The rest will be the same. No change!

I am sure this will be more interesting...but you can skip them if you want. It will not affect the story flow. The chapters should be up by next week^^ hope to see you by then^^
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2012-04-09 06:37 pm
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2012-04-09 06:19 pm