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Donghae’s P.O.V

I can’t believe that Wookie did not know about the 7 new transfer students. Never mind. Today is another day of sweat. A sacrifice I made for my cute dongsaeng, Taeminnie (as Sungminnie likes to call him).

“DONGHAE!!!” shouted Kibum in my ears.

“WHAT?” I shouted back, irritated that he broke my line of thoughts. He simply lifted his finger and pointed to the rest. Wookie was pulling Sungmin and Taemin, Junsu and Jaejoong were running after them.

“Oh…Let’s go…” pulling Kibum into a run to catch up with the rest of the group. They are so mean, leaving me and kibummie out. How could they? They did not want this fishy here? I pouted.

“By the way, where are we going?” I turned to ask Kibum with a confused expression.

“To the cafeteria for breakfast.” He replied rolling his eyes. Well, for the fact that we do not have to practice and end up sweaty in class is a plus point. I’ll just let Kibum go, for now!

Great! Fantastic! Today I can see my brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles. I can greet them “good morning” and enjoy a rare morning conversation with them. Oh! How I miss them so much (even though they meet during lunch everyday)!

We entered the cafeteria and thank goodness, OUR table was not occupied. I could feel myself breaking into a wide smile, from the bottom of my heart). We walked over to the table and took our usual seats. Of course no one would fight with me over my seat.

“Good morning aunties, uncles, hyungs, noonas and dongsaengs!” I greeted cheerfully. “Oh! I can see you have been given a new change of water? Are you happy with it? Feeling comfortable? I really miss all of you. Your smiles are always so welcoming and I really feel so loved. I will inform Umma and hyung that you asked after them. Don’t worry.”

‘Lee Donghae!” I heard Kibum whispering near me. I turned my head and he automatically pointed at the menu. Oh! I forgot about ordering.

“I’ll just take whatever you are taking.” I replied half-heartedly. Why are they always interupting my conversations with my relatives? I just don’t understand. How can they not love them. I mean, they are the nicest people on earth and the most loving souls you can find. (A/N: Donghae is referring to the fishes in the fish tank.)

“Sorry! I was disrupted by my best friend, Kim Kibum. Where were we? Oh yes! Umma and hyung are fine. Not to worry.” I smiled. “Oh! Why am I here this morning? Well, hyung, actually this morning, I am here to have a dance practice with Taeminnie. However, everyone decided that we should not let Sungmin hyung corrupt our innocent Wookie, so we came along for breakfast instead of practicing. Not that I am complaining. At least I get to chat with all of you.”

“Donghae! The food is already cold. Eat first, talk later. Ok?” Kibum ordered. I turn around to see my sandwich on the table with my favorite Strawberry Milk. I picked my sandwich and started to eat.

Oh crap! I forgot!

“Habuh orrr bob bu heeten (have all of you eaten)? Buuuu hannn zbum bob bine (you want some of mine)?” I asked while chewing on my bread. I peeled the remainder of the bread and make it as small as possible. Well! I was actually a PABO to ask them. Of course they would not have eaten!

As I was throwing the crumbs into the house of my relatives (A/N: we are talking about fish tank here!!), I heard loud commotion of ‘kya~’, ‘Omo!’ and ‘so handsome’. With my hand still in the fish tank, my paparazzi blood took over and I looked up…

7 handsome and cute looking guys were walking in and towards US. Omo! What am I supposed to do? I squeezed my hands a little tighter. They must be the new transfer students. It has to be. I’ve never seen them in school and they have 7 of them. Cannot go wrong.

That tall guy, is he the boss of the group? Minus 10 marks for being too cold, another 10 for being too unfriendly and 20 for being too scary. 60/100. Oh! The one next to him is has this cute smile. Plus 10 for that smile, but he is trying to out smile Kibum, my super best friend? Minus 55 marks for that. Loser you only have 55/100. The boyish looking tall guy has a sunshine smile! I like it! Plus 20 marks, but I don’t like how he is looking at US or, as I shift my eyes in his direction, at OUR Taeminnie! Minus 150 marks. Goner! You have -30/100. Blah!

I don’t like easy going people, though Junsu is an exception, so minus 20 marks for you. Oh! You did well, 80/100. Oh I like this guy! He talks to turtles?!?! Maybe he will be my friend! We can conquer the ocean together. Plus 100 for you. Wait! Why is he giving that creepy smile in Sungmin hyung’s direction? Minus 100 marks. That leaves you with full marks. We can be friends. Oh! This guy is so handsome. I like it. Plus 100 marks. But the way he looks at Wookie! No way! Minus 200 marks! Don’t you dare touch my innocent Wookie! You have 0 marks! Ok, I give you 13 marks for liking Wookie. So 13/100.

Omo! That guy! He looks so cute! I love that gummy smile! So innocent, so gorgeous! I squeezed my hand tighter.

“DONGHAE! THE FISH!” I snapped out of my trance at Ryeowook’s shriek. He already has a high pitched voice. A shriek, imagine how loud. I looked into the tank and saw my hyung.

I felt tears swelling in my eyes. I nearly killed MY Hyung. I am a murderer!

“Mianhe~ hyung. I really did not mean to kill you. Will you forgive me?” I gave my best puppy eyes. Hyung came towards me and nibbled on my hand. Well, I guessed he forgave me. I gave a quick look to Ryeowook. He was blushing like a tomato, looking down. Maybe he wants to hide or worse, he may be thinking of death! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s totally my fault!

It was then that I realized the gummy guy looking at me, smiling. Omo! MY angel’s smile is so reassuring. I suddenly feel the guilt gone. If he was wearing white, I would have worshipped him and I’m sure Siwon would too!

What the Hell! Did I just THINK that he is MY ANGEL? Am I GAY? But how can I be gay? I’ve never liked Sungmin, Jaejoong, Junsu, Taemin, Ryeowook or, even, Kibum!

“Hyungs! Noonas! Am I gay? Do I look gay? Or am I crazy?” I whispered. No answer =.= (A/N: Duh! Donghae oppa! You are talking to fishes.)

Suddenly! Hyungs and noonas where no longer moving. I snapped my head up and looked around. Everyone stopped. No. Froze. Perhaps only the 7 of us were moving. It felt like time had stopped. I saw Taemin checking his watch and the shock look on his face. I turned to look at Kibum, he looked at me with, I supposed, a mirrored expression of confusion and shock. I turned to Ryeowook and he suddenly disappear, AS IN VANISHED and so did the 13 marks new student.

Before I could say anything, the angel was at the other side of my relatives’ house, giving me his gummy smile.

Kibum’s P.O.V

I can’t believe that Wookie did not know about the 7 new transfer students. Even I knew about them. I mean, I’ve never been interested in this kind of gossip news, but it concerns US! We are in the same school and grade as them. Never mind.

Breakfast with the group?  Ok. I’ll just go along. Anyway, it’s not like trying costumes are that important. I’ve already tried it and mine has no problems. So I’ll just skip one session. No big deal.

Damn it! That Wookie hyung! Never waits for us. I turn to pull Donghae only to find him spacing out.

“DONGHAE!!!” I shouted into his ears

“WHAT?” he shouted back irritated that I broke his line of thoughts. I silently pointed to Wookie hyung, who was pulling Sungmin hyung and Taemin, Junsu hyung and Jaejoong hyung were running after them.

“Oh…Let’s go…” he pulled me into a run to catch up with the rest of the group. I glanced sideways and saw Hae’s pout. Cute as always, this Fishy.+

“By the way, where are we going?” he turned to ask me with a confused expression.

“To the cafeteria for breakfast.” I replied, trying to keep my eyes from rolling his eyes.

We entered the cafeteria and silence welcomed us, OUR table was not occupied. There were a 2 tables occupied. We walked over to the table and took our usual seats. Of course, as always, I sat next to Donghae.

“Good morning aunties, uncles, hyungs, noonas and dongsaengs!” Hae greeted cheerfully. Seriously, would the fish understand him? I really doubt so.

I scanned the environment, taking in the lovely silence, when I noticed Sungmin hyung, Wookie hyung and Taeminnie looking my direction and away quickly. Sigh! Am I so silent that they have to check on me?

I scanned through the menu. Ordered my usual Chicken Sandwich and a chocolate milk. I nudge Donghae, but no response from him.

‘Lee Donghae!” I whispered in his ears. He turned his head and I pointed at the menu. He gave that “Oh! I forgot about ordering” expression again. Duh!

“I’ll just take whatever you are taking.” he replied, turning back to the fish tank.

“He is taking the same as me, just change the Chocolate Milk to Strawberry Milk. Thank you.” and I flashed my “killer” smile as members always tell me.

“Sorry! I was disrupted by my best friend, Kim Kibum. Where were we? Oh yes! Umma and hyung….” Seriously! Does he need to report everything that happens to the fishes?

The food came. Everyone started to eat happily and Sungmin was blabbering all the way. I turned to look at Donghae and he is still talking to the fishes (Duh!).

“……not that I am complaining. At least I get to chat with all of you.” That was the final straw.

“Donghae! The food is already cold. Eat first, talk later. Ok?” I ordered. He took his sandwich and started to eat.

The silence was broken when I heard girls squeaking, shrieking and squealing. GIRLS….DUH!

I am not GAY, but neither am I fond of these girls. Let’s put it this way. I love girls with a beautiful and sincere smile. But who cares, if a guy has it! I am open enough to accept. That’s just me.

I looked up; saw 7 guys walking towards our direction. Obviously towards the table behind us (A/N: Ah! Finally someone logical…). They must be the 7 new transfer students that Sungmin mentioned.

I admit, they are tall and good-looking, ok, handsome. Other than that, they are just another guy. Maybe they look like they walk right out of those fairy tales, but yeah, that is all. I saw one of them giving me a smile. Very sincere and beautiful smile. I returned it with an equally sincere and beautiful smile.

Huh! My smile is way better than yours.

“Oi! Kibum! Junsu!” I heard Jaejoong hyung calling me. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him. He just shook his head. Was he some kind of a psychic? How did he know I was comparing my smile with that new student? Hyung, my smile is definitely much more a killer than his. Admit it.

In a flash, everything froze. When I say everything, I mean everything including HUMANS. Maybe not everything, since I can still look around. I saw Taemin looking at his watch, shock crossed his face. I looked at Donghae. He looked funny. Was it confusion or shock? I was looking around and stopped at Wookie hyung. He vanished in an instant!

When I turned my head to see if the rest were still there, I was shocked, looking in the face of the owner of the smile. Still smiling.

Junsu’s P.O.V

Breakfast? Whatever! Anyway, I’ve come to school this early. Breakfast or dance practice doesn’t really bother me as long as I get to spend time with my friends.

Sungmin hyung is so cute when he pouts. He doesn’t even look like a hyung. In fact, Jae looks more like the hyung. No. Jae is the umma of the group. Sungmin hyung is just the opposite. Actually sometimes I suspect Sungmin hyung and Taeminnie are real, blood brothers. They carry the same surname and they are the aegyo kings amoung us.

Sometimes, I feel that the maknae of our group is not Taeminnie, but Ryeowookie. He is so innocent, so cute and so fragile. Even Taemin wants to protect him. Sigh! I felt Jae pulling my hand and we were running behind them.

The same cafeteria again. (A/N: Duh! Su, what do you expect? A different café or restaurant?)

We went to OUR table. Seriously, since when we own this table? Maybe since the day we came in a group of 7. Only this table and another table can fit us. They are for 8 people! Sometimes I wonder why always this table. Oh yeah! I forgot. Donghae and his fishes (duh!)

There he goes again. Talking to his fishes. I think it would be hard to find a girlfriend for him in future. Maybe one that will also talk to fishes or animals. They can join some kind of conservation for animals or fishes. Hahahaha! Lame right? I think so too.

Breakfast looks so uninteresting. Pancakes, again. Milkshake, again. But seriously, Wookie cooks better pancakes than them.

Peaceful mor……kya! Omo! So handsome~….what?!?!

I turned my head and saw 7 guys walking towards us. Oh! 7 guys are…wait! Could they be the 7 new transfer students? Interesting! Taking another look, they are rather good-looking, but they all look too serious, not my kind. Maybe if they can be a little less serious, I will be interested.

Ok! The guy, he looks like the “boss” of the group. Looks like a playboy! Not my kind. But he looks compatible with Jae. The total opposite, maybe we can get an appa (hehehe!). The other guy with a nice smile looks cute! But I how will he match up with Kibum’s “killer” smile? Oh! They will be a deadly seduction pair! That childish boy looks so cute! The maknae? Maybe. Looks are deceiving. Taeminnie is our maknae, but Ryeowook looks like the maknae. Taemin…why am I thinking of him when I see this guy?

Omo! That turtle guy! He can totally match our Donghae! Yay! We have, no; I have found a partner for Donghae. They can talk to the animals and live in their own world and peace to us all! But he seems attracted to Sungmin…weird! Oh that monkey-looking guy! Why is Donghae interested in him? He seems perfect for Sungmin though, but…wait! He seems to be attracted to Donghae too! Aigoo! This is weird! That tall, handsome and mysterious guy! He will be the perfect fit for our dear Wookie.

Omo! Wait! Why am I doing a mental matchmaking? Ah~ that guy! My type! I think he will be my perfect match! Only problem…he is a guy! But whatever!

“Oi! Kibum! Junsu” I heard Jae calling me and snapped out of my world. I must have been day dreaming for too long! This is embarrassing. Hopefully, those guys don’t realize it. Continue eating. Pretend nothing has happened.

Wait! Why aren’t the people moving? Has time stopped? Omo! Time stopped? Wow! This is fantastic! I turned to peep and I saw Taemin with a shocked expression while looking at his watch….WHAT?!?! Did Ryeowook just disappear? Where did he go?

I turned to look at the rest and found this laid-back guy sitting next to me, smiling.

Jaejoong’s P.O.V

Aish! These people! How can they just make a snappy decision? What about practice? I thought the competition was a week from now? We have not even perfected it yet!

I turned back about to say something when I noticed Ryeowook had already dragged Sungmin hyung and Taemin towards the cafeteria (A/N: Cafeteria and their classrooms are in different directions). Aish! This Wookie…I reached out my hand to the one nearest to me and pulled him into a run.

We arrived at the cafeteria, walked to OUR table and sat at MY seat. It was pretty much standard, except for the occasional switch and not to mention, Donghae’s seat was fixed. He needed to be near his relatives and had to “talk” to them. But that is what makes him cute.

Breakfast was mostly silent. Not much gossips in the morning, except for one or two updated news from Sungmin hyung. Neh! I am not into gossips, though I don’t mind hearing. After all, it is good to be aware of your surroundings.

Breakfast came. Nothing special, in fact, it is the usual. But seriously, I think our Wookie cooks better. I wanted to ask Donghae what he thinks of his sandwich, but, he is too engrossed in his ONE-WAY conversations with his “relatives”. Geez! When will he accept the fact that they don’t understand and NEVER WILL!

I sincerely hope that all my friends here will one day find a “KYA~ OMO! So Handsome!” what the heck was that? I turned to look up. From the corner of my eyes, I saw the 6 of them doing the same thing.

7 guys walking towards US.

There is a 99.99% chance that they are the new transfer students here. 7 people, all guys, never saw them before. So I’m pretty positive they ARE the NEW students.

So what? Are they sexier than me? No. Are they smarter than me? Maybe, the tall, mysterious and handsome guy looks intelligent, but he looks like a bully. Better keep a look out for Wookie. Touch him and you are so dead. Cuter than Sungmin hyung? None. Weirder than Donghae? There is! That turtle guy. More innocent than Ryeowook? Definitely NONE! More caring than me? No. Especially that “boss” guy.

That arrogant brad! Who he thinks he is? The group’s boos? He looks more like the appa that is easy to bully. I just hate that cold smile on his face. PABO! He looks like some kind of a freak.

Wait! Is he looking at me too? What is with that murderous stare? Want to murder me now? Seriously! Why do I hate him so much? Or is this the feeling I am getting from him? Just returning it to you.

I don’t want to start on the wrong footing with them. I mean, they must be real close. Who would have 7 people transferring school together? Weird much! They better not bully any of my friends, or you’ll be so dead! I mean it!

Is he laughing? That freaking Pabo! Who the hell he thinks he is? This is getting on my nerves. I just want to wipe that laugh of his face. Laugh more and I’ll skin you ALIVE! I really mean ALIVE!

I turned my head and saw everyone in a daze. Pabo! What so good about them? I don’t understand.

“Wookie! Wookie!” I waved my hands and shook him a little. He is into dreamland already? Man! I hope he is not falling in love with any of them yet. They are too dangerous for my innocent Wookie. I continue to wave my hands and I think he snapped out of his daze. He turned to call Sungmin hyung and Taeminnie.

“Oi! Kibum! Junsu!” I reached over to call them. They retreated into their own world AGAIN! From the corner of my eyes, I saw Donghae. He froze, I suddenly had the feeling that made me look at the fish tank.


He was squeezing the fish. Before I could react, Ryeowookie’s shriek can be heard echoing the whole cafeteria. A look at him and I thought I saw a tomato.

Is it me? Or is it that everyone is frozen? No. I think it’s me. Taemin is still moving to see his watch, but what is with that shocked look? Donghae was moving. Sungmin is relaxing from his smile, Junsu and Kibum were turning to look at Taemin. Ryeowook was….WHAT THE HELL!!! He vanished?!?!? HE VANISHED WITH ONE OF THE TRANSFER STUDENTS!!! What is happening?

Suddenly everything is moving in a fast forward speed. Before I know it, that freaking Pabo was standing in front of me, with a murderous look. SHIT!

A/N: Ok. Finally done with the other 4 member’s POV. Will be doing the 7 vampires next. Please stay tune and I hope my story still interests you. Do give me comments on how I can better my story. A note to all: 14 main characters, but I am more to Kyuhyun and Ryeowook. My bias^^

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