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“Today I am early again. A peaceful start to another peaceful day. Should I start with Chopin or Debussy?”

Kim Ryeowook was already nearing his school gate. He loved going to school early as he can spend his time in the piano room, playing his piano, without anyone disturbing him. It would be a good start to a pleasant day. Or so he thought…..

“Is there a festival going on in school today? Why are the students so early?” he thought. Seeing the number of people shocked him. Girls, nearly all the girls in school are already here.

“Hey Wookie! Over here!” shouted an excited Sungmin, standing at the side of the school gate with Donghae, Kibum, Junsu, Jaejoong and Taemin. Ryeowook walked excitedly towards his pals. Nothing makes his day more than seeing his best friends.

“Do you guys know what is going on? Why are there so many girls this morning?” Ryeowook asked, hoping that his friends would know.

“Omo! Don’t you know?” Sungmin asked in shock, rolling his eyes. Sungmin is the paparazzi of the group, feeding them with the latest information they needed for gossip.

“I can’t believe it! You mean you did not know? Even I know about it….” said Kibum. He was the least interested in gossips, but he will always listen to what Sungmin and Donghae found out.

“You can’t blame him. Wookie is so innocent and cute. He will not be interested in this kind of news.” Donghae added nonchalantly.

“Aish!” Jaejoong and Junsu sighed at the same time.

“WHAT?!?! You mean…all of you knew except me?” Ryeowook pouted.

Everyone nodded.

“Tell me! Tell me! Please!” Ryeowook begged, giving them his puppy eyes.

“Ok! Stop bullying Wookie hyung!” Taemin finally spoke up. “Well, there are 7 new transfer students starting school today. All guys,” Taemin continued, “That is why you see so many girls in school this morning.”

“Oh! Ok!” was all Ryeowook managed to say. Suddenly, it dawned on him that why are his friends so early in school as well.

“What are you guys doing in school at this time? Here to spy on those transfer students as well?” teased Ryeowook.

“Aigoo! Our Wookie is so forgetful!” teased Jaejoong. “Have you forgotten that Taemin has a dance competition 1 week from now? Junsu, Donghae and I are his back-up dancers.” he continued.

“I’ve got an upcoming drama skit competition in 5 days and we have to do last minute costume trying.” Kibum smiled.

“I came because they (pointing to the rest) asked me to come for breakfast and now, everyone is abandoning me?” Sungmin pouted and glared at the rest of the group. Everyone laughed.

Ryeowook’s P.O.V

It’s so cute when Sungmin pouts. I think I’ll just have to forgo my piano time and spend it with Minnie.

“Minnie, shall we go for breakfast at the school cafeteria?” I patted him on the shoulder. He turned to me with wide eyes and a big sunshine smile, nodding furiously. I laughed at the reaction.

“Not fair! Minnie hyung will corrupt our innocent and cute Wookie with all the gossip news!” quipped Taemin and everyone nodded in agreement, to which earned a death glare from Sungmin and I.

“Let’s all go together! Since it is a rare occasion that we are all here in school even before 6.30am!!!” screamed Donghae and Junsu in unison. Everyone agreed.

“Ok! Let’s go!” I said, pulling Sungmin and Taemin with me leaving the rest running behind us.

We arrived at the cafeteria and it was quite empty. I guess, the new students have yet to arrive so everyone is still at the gate, waiting. We headed to our favorite table, by the fish aquarium. Actually, it is Donghae’s favorite spot.

There were only 2 tables in the cafeteria that could accommodate 8 people. One near the fish aquarium (our favorite), the other next to our, near the salad counter.

As usual, Donghae would take the seat nearest to the fish aquarium. He loves to talk to the fishes and always proclaiming them as his siblings. Kibum took the seat next to Donghae. He sat there quietly, looking at Donghae and his fishes. Jaejoong took the seat next to Donghae. Junsu took the seat next Kibum. Taemin sat next to Jaejoong hyung and I sat between Sungmin and Taemin. It is so standard, that no one ever changed seats before.

Having a meal with my best friends is always a joy, especially a peaceful breakfast with gossips and laughter. Donghae would switch conversations between humans (us) and fishes. Kibum is mostly silent. Sometimes, I will sneak a peek to see if he is STILL there. Jaejoong hyung, Junsu and Sungmin are the main talkers. I suspect they can carry on for hours if we did not have classes. Taemin is always lost in his own translation and it always seems like he is on a different frequency as us. As for me, I like to look around my surrounding and sometimes, I drift into my own world, occasionally contributing to the talk.

Kya! Omo! So handsome~

We stopped talking and snapped our heads up to see what the commotion was about. 7 tall and handsome guys were walking in our direction. I have not seen them before. I assume they are the new transfer students.

One looked like a monkey with that gummy smile or so I thought. Out! One looked too easy-going, not my type. Out! One looked muscular and looked like the “boss” of the group and he looks like he’ll kill us anytime. Out!

One of them is weird! He is talking to the turtle he is holding and smiling to him like an idiot? And here I thought Donghae was weird! He is worse. Out! There are 2 other decent looking ones, but one looked to young and playful. Out! The other has a nice smile, but I think Kibum has it better. Out!

One particular student caught my eyes. Time seemed to come to a stop. He is tall, his eyes sparkled, his skin is flawless and, the worst thing was, his lips looks so soft! He had this smile on his face that sent shivers down my spine, but not in a scary way, in an unknown way.

“Omo! So handsome, so perfect….” I mused dreamily.

“Wookie! Wookie!” I saw Jaejoong hyung waving his hands in front of me, “not you too!” he sighed. I looked at him with confusion, probably written all over my face, to which he pointed at the rest of the group. Everyone was just staring blankly at the new transfer students as they made their way towards us.

“Sungminnie! Teaminnie!” I shook them both lightly. I heard Jaejoong hyung calling Kibum and Junsu, shaking them lightly too. They immediately snapped back into reality. The only one that shocked us was Donghae.

“Donghae! The fish!” I shrieked. Donghae’s hands were in the fish tank and he was squeezing a clown fish while staring at the transfer students. Suddenly, I realized that the whole cafeteria was looking at us. Specifically, ME.

“Omo! I must have shrieked too loud. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Dig a hole and bury my head like an ostrich? Should I just hide under the table now? I WANNA DIE THIS INSTANT! I hope my face is not red! But I feel my cheeks burning! Ahhh! Someone help me! I wished I can just disappear to somewhere else in the school!” these thoughts just keep running through my mind.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw another tall and handsome guy whispering to my perfect guy. They were walking towards our group, I suppose towards the empty table behind ours. My guy was walking behind, chuckling as the other boy was whispering.

“Wait! Did I just say MY PERFECT GUY? What am I thinking? I can’t believe it! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! I am not GAY! For goodness sake! Now I really want disappear somewhere!” I thought, trying to shake it out of my head. I saw him laughing.

I felt like time had frozen. Everyone was not moving except for the 7 of us whose eyes were darting everywhere and looking at each other in shock. Or at least I was in shock.

The next thing I knew, I was in the classroom with HIM. Just the 2 of us.

Sungmin’s P.O.V

Yah! Call me to school and abandon me to have breakfast all alone. I don’t want! The school is so scary! It’s so quiet! I don’t want to be alone. I pout, hoping my aegyo will melt someone’s heart and they will accompany me.

“Minnie, shall we go for breakfast at the school cafeteria?” I heard Ryeowook say as he pat me on the shoulder. I turned to him with a big smile, nodding furiously. That is my Number 1 best friend, Kim Ryeowook!

“Not fair! Minnie hyung will corrupt our innocent and cute Wookie with all the gossip news!” quipped Taemin and everyone nodded in agreement. I gave them a death glare. Why would I corrupt my innocent and cute bestie?

“Let’s all go together! Since it is a rare occasion that we are all here in school even before 6.30am!!!” screamed Donghae and Junsu in unison. Everyone agreed.

“Ok! Let’s go!” Ryeowook said, pulling me and Taemin with him and leaving the rest running behind us.

We automatically walked to “our” table at the cafeteria and took “our” seats. As usual, Donghae was talking to the fishes again (duh!). But this is what makes Donghae so cute. Suddenly, I remembered and looked around to see if Kibum was still with us.

There was a sudden commotion and the girls started screaming in excitement. We stopped our conversation and looked up. 7 gorgeous guys were walking towards us. Ok! Gorgeous may be a little exaggerated. But it wasn’t for one of them! Definitely not!

He had a slightly huge head which made him look mysterious. What make him stand out are his small hands. They look so cute! And this cuteness was emphasized with the turtle in his hand. He was talking to the turtle and like Donghae, in a world of his own.

Wait! Did I say he is cute? Gorgeous? Omo! The others cannot find out about it. They will think I’m strange or worse, I am GAY! But he is really cute and gorgeous!

“Minnies! Minnies!” I heard Ryeowook’s voice and felt him shaking me a little. It shook me back to my senses. I saw him shaking Taemin as well. No wonder I heard ‘Minnies’, so it was me and Taemin. What a nice short-cut.

(A/N: Ok. Minnies = Sungminnie and Taeminnie plural is lame. Sorry *bows*)

He suddenly looked up and stared at us, or should I say, I felt his gaze on me. Maybe I’m thinking too much.

All of a sudden everyone froze, like time froze. I took a quick look around only the 7 of us and 7 of them still moving. They had this nonchalant look on their faces. Before I can react, Ryeowook seems to have vanished into thin air and so did one new student.

When I turned my head back to face the new students, I got the shock of my life! This cute, gorgeous turtle guy was standing inches from my face, smiling. Before I knew, we were standing in a corner of the cafeteria, far from my friends.

Taemin’s P.O.V

Aww! Sungmin hyung is so cute! Besides me and Ryeowook hyung, I think Sungmin hyung has the best pout. If I am the aegyo prince, Sungmin hyung is the aegyo king! Now I really want to ditch my dance practice and have breakfast with Sungmin hyung. 

Before I could open my mouth, Ryeowook hyung beat me to the invitation! How can he? He is so innocent. What if Sungmin hyung corrupts him?

“Not fair! Minnie hyung will corrupt our innocent and cute Wookie with all the gossip news!” I quipped and everyone nodded in agreement to my excitement. Oops! Was that a death glare that Minnie and Wookie hyung are giving?

We walked to the cafeteria and automatically, we walked to “our” table and took “our” seats. No one ever bothered to switch positions. We were just too comfortable with our seating arrangements. I sit between Wookie hyung and Jaejoong hyung. Though I am the maknae of the group, I have this compelled feeling that I have to protect Wookie hyung! But sitting next to Jaejoong hyung makes me secure, he is like the umma of the group.

Breakfast with them is always fun. Lots of gossip news from Minnie hyung. As usual, Donghae hyung is having his one-way communication with his “relatives” in the fish tank. Why fish? I really don’t understand and I think neither do the fishes.

I continued eating my American Breakfast and suddenly, there was a huge commotion. I snapped up to see what was disturbing OUR peaceful and rare breakfast gathering. Only to find 7 new transfer students walking towards US or more accurately, the table behind US.

7 guys. Looks wise, ok. I think I am better looking and so is Jaejoong hyung. Height wise, tall so plus point. I was mentally giving them scores and they fare fairly well. Not too bad, the more than above average for guys. But nothing that needs my attention as I gave one last look….

So good-looking! Those eyes are so pretty. I found myself staring at this tall and handsome guy. He looks like the maknae of his group. He is really my cup of tea….

Wait! Did I say my cup of tea? What the hell am I thinking about? Lee Taemin! He is a guy! Not a girl! Though you can pass of as one! That is not the point! I AM NOT GAY! What will they think when they found out that I am attracted to one of the new students?

“Minnies! Minnies!” I heard Wookie hyung’s voice and felt him shaking me a little. Minnies? I snapped up and saw him shaking Minnie hyung as well. Now I know why Minnies. He was calling me and Sungmin hyung.

Donghae hyung was squeezing a fish! Before any of us could say anything, Wookie hyung shrieked and the whole cafeteria’s eyes were on him! Omo! So cute! Wookie hyung is blushing! Like a tomato!

Suddenly I felt everything next to me stop. Did time stop? I mentally asked myself and started to look at my watch. Shocking! IT STOPPED!

Before I could reconfirm that time had stopped, I was brought to a secluded corridor. In front of me was the handsome guy.

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