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Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Yesung, Yunho, Jaejoong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Yoochun, Junsu, Minho, Taemin, Changmin, Kibum and many more to come^^


Kim Ryeowook is a normal school boy with musical talent. He is usually quiet and normally hangs out with his best friends; Jaejoong, Junsu, Taemin, Sungmin, Donghae and Kibum

This peaceful life starts to change when 7 new transfer students join their classes. They are handsome, intelligent and mysterious. Girls and boys swoon over them. What people don't know, they belong to creatures of the night...

When a vampire falls in love with a human, trouble starts to brew...

Parings: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook







Other pairings may come up during the story. I'll write it in the author's note^^

Comments are welcome from shippers and non-shippers. No offensive comments please. This is my first fanfic, please bear with me for my poor English. Please subscribe to my story if you like it.

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and was born of my brains (Yes...after reading Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries - I went a little mad in thoughts). Any similarities are purely co-incidental.

I have this story published in my tumblr and my blogs. I have a similar story (the "original" - as I call it) published in my tumblr and blog too (a personal one).


Character introduction:-


Kim Ryeowook - Loves playing the piano, singing and Chocolates! A model student. Caring and sensitive towards others. Cries easily and is emotional. He is not the maknae, but even the maknae, Taemin, sees the need to look after him. He loves to cook for his friends and trying new reciepe. Falls deeply in love with Cho Kyuhyun.

Lee Sungmin - Ryeowook's "No. 1" best friend! He is the “actual” hyung of the group. Loves anything pink! Be warned: outside this cute look, lies a martial arts expert. Loves doing aegyo with Taemin. He can't stand Yesung, for talking to turtles, but finds himself loving him even more.

Taemin - the maknae of the group. He is an avid dancer, thus earning him the name, Dancing King, in their group. He loves doing aegyo with Sungmin. Although he is the maknae, he always sees the need to protect Ryeowook. He finds Minho very attractive.

Donghae - Known as fishy to the group, because he loves talking to fishes. He is a good dancer, but hardly dances. He is innocent and very sensitive to others. He will cry when his friends are sad. He unknowingly falls in love with Eunhyuk and captures his heart.

Jaejoong - the Hyung of the group. He has the looks and the voice. Caring and motherly towards the group. He somehow bares a grudge against Yunho and his friends. But this grudge seems to be complicated and he cannot understand why...

Kibum - He is the "No. 1" friend of Donghae and they have known each other since childhood. Normally seen as the "depressed" member of the group, because he doesn't talk much and always seems to be in his own world. He is part of the Drama Club in school and is known for his "killer" smile, which even Changmin cannot resist.

Junsu - The fun-loving boy of the group. He is very easy-going. He takes an interest in Yoochun, one of the "new" students, tries to get to know him. He is the most straight-forward person. A brotherly figure of the group.


Vampires have telepathic communication skills, meaning, they can communicate in their heads without speaking out loud, but this happens only in the “family” (kind of like a group or coven – if you watch Twilight). All Vampires have speed and strength, but these maybe magnified.

Vampires have one power that they possess, may or may not be unique to them – they are known as power. The may have other powers, that they do not use often, but are equally prominent and maybe duplicated with others, on a lower level – they are known as sub-powers. However, sub-powers only appear in time of need.

Vampires normally have the same the power as their mates. But there are many exceptions too.

Cho Kyuhyun - a 1752 years old Blue Blood vampire. He has never been interested in anything, except gaming, and in recent times, Starcraft. He is smart, handsome and "evil". However, upon transferring to SM Senior High, he starts to be obsessed with Ryeowook. Often trying to protect him. He has a soothing voice that can calm Ryeowook down. Power:teleportation Sub-Powers: seeing the future, freezing time

Yesung (Jongwoon) - a 2223 years old Green Blood vampire. 1st cousin of Kyuhyun. The “actual” hyung of the group. He is only interested in his turtles and loves talking to them. Nothing can take his attention away from his turtles, except, Sungmin, whom he finds cute. Power: seeing the future Sub-Powers: mind-reading

Minho - a 1637 years old Purple Blood vampire. The maknae of the group. He and Eunhyuk loves to talk like they are singing. He is madly in love with Taemin and goes all out to try and make friends with the pretty "girl". Power:freezing time Sub-Powers: seeing the past

Eunhyuk (Hyukjae) - a 1794 years old Purple Blood vampire, also the dance machine of the group. He is easy-going and is always being bullied by Kyuhyun. He is attracted to Donghae's cuteness, especially when he sees him talking to the fishes in the aquarium. Power:seeing the past Sub-Powers: mind-reading

Yunho - a 2182 years old Blue Blood vampire. The Hyung of the group. He sees Jaejoong as his past lover who betrayed him. He holds a grudge against Jaejoong, yet, he loves him deeply. He knows that Jaejoong is not his ex-lover. But will he bring himself to confess? Power:mind-reading Sub-Powers: Controlling emotions

Changmin - a 1751 years old Green Blood vampire. 1st cousins with Kyuhyun. The cute guy with a killer smile. Girls tend to 'throw" themselves at him, but he has no interest in them. His heart has long belonged to Kibum on the first day of school, when he saw his smile. Power:mind-reading Sub-Power: borrowing other’s power

Yoochun - a 2041 years old Pink Blood vampire. He is very easy-going. He takes an interest in Junsu and tries to get to know him. He shares a secret with Junsu that no one knows. He is the most straight-forward person. Power: controlling emotions

Other minor characters will appear. I'll update them in the Author's note when they appear with background info^^


Additional infomation you need to know:

Vampires are made up of different "blood colour":

Blue Blood = Pure blood (No human blood in the lineage - grade A vampire) - kind of like royalty and highly respected

Green Blood = Pure Blood's spouses turned by a Pure Blood (grade B vampire) or Children with a Blue/Green Blood parents - highly respected by others. Considered a Pure Blood

Purple Blood = Semi - Pure blood (Somewhere in the lineage, there is one human mixture - grade C vampire) - normally relatives of Blue Bloods

Pink Blood = Half Blood (Lineage has 2 or more humans / one of the parent is a human) or Spouses of grade C vampires or Children of Purple/Pink Blood vampires (grade D vampires)

Yellow Blood = Half Blood (turned vampire by Blue or Green Blood - grade E vampires) - very rare, not many.

Orange Blood = Semi-Half Blood (turned vampire by Purple or Pink Blood - grade F vampires)

Red Blood = turned by vampires who are grade E and below (normal vampires?)

Black Blood = Vampires who claim to be authorities of the Vampire World (I've not thought of a name for them)

Grey Blood = Vampires of lower grading working for Black Blood / turned by a black blood


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