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I am an avid reader in AFF...
Something there amuses me a lot...and I'm sure you would have noticed too...

There are two types of authors in AFF that I find very amusing:

1) They create a story; write a good and interesting forward; but that story never gets updated until much much later.

2) they write a new story; have daily updates for the first 5 chapters; then slows down to alternate days of updating for the next 6-8 chapters and suddenly...if you are lucky you get weekly updates...but most of the time...irregular updates

Why I find it amusing?
For (1)...why start a new story when you don't intend to update it until months later? I mean...you should start it when you are ready to update in the following 1-2 months...
For (2)...I think too fast an update...you put up an expectation and when you can't keep up...loyal readers will be upset at the slow update...so I think they should update once a week in the beginning...

I understand that authors are not full time writers and even full time writers don't write regularly...
But I mean...don't set an expectation with the readers...and don't keep them hanging for too long...

From my experience...I've lost interest in a story...that started out 6 months a ago with a fantastic forward...but till this day...no update...
Another experience....the story is a very well-written story...the author fed us with daily updates for 5 chapters and alternate updates for another 5 and now....a chapter a week...I think it will soon be...once in a blue moon? Hahahaha

It can get very frustrating since the author is swaying from the expectation...and the expectation is what the author set "I'll do a daily update or at worse a 3 days once update"...I think if she had never said it...my expectation would not be there...

Just a random thought...feel free to ignore....
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