Apr. 21st, 2012

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To all my readers and friends out there! I will be posting the changed version of fan fiction "Love Never Dies". It can only be read in here and perhaps my Wordpress (when I figure out how to use it)...

The overall plot of the story will not be changed. Only a few added stuff and a few other changes. The version in AFF will be kept, no changes. The story was more KyuWook focused, but I have moved back to my forever OTP, YunJae...so the story will now have a slight shift with YunJae and KyuWook taking the lead. I will shift YeMin and EunHae down, while YooSu and MinBum will move up. 2min will stay in position (they are the maknae pair to relief the story from too much cussing^^)!

Truth be known, only the chapter 1 to 5 will be changed slightly. Mainly Jaejoong's POV and Junsu's POV will have a change, Yunho's POV and Yoochun's POV will also be changed. YunJae and YooSu meeting will also be changed. More likely than not, Changmin's POV may be changed. The rest will be the same. No change!

I am sure this will be more interesting...but you can skip them if you want. It will not affect the story flow. The chapters should be up by next week^^ hope to see you by then^^


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